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Aaron Bibelhauser with Lovin' and Leavin' - 


Mickey Clark was a larger-than-life hero to me and to my hometown. In our open armed musical community here in Louisville, Kentucky, he was a hard working, down to earth, singer, songwriter, and band leader, but on a national scale, Mick was best known for songs he wrote for the Oak Ridge Boys, The Kingston Trio, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tompall & The Glaser Brothers, and many more. This record is my way of carrying forward his songwriting legacy to a new audience of bluegrass music lovers LIKE YOU!

Lovin' And Leavin'

Over the course of a nearly sixty year career, Mickey Clark developed a knack for writing a great "lovin' and leavin'" song.  That was the way he would describe them.  I believe this is one of the most powerful themes of any form of art.  He was able to capture perfectly, the timeless dichotomy of struggling with the desire to be free and wander versus the feeling of true love and comfort of home.  

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Chelsea Estes - 

I'm a small town girl with the love of God in my heart, and a desire to show his love to others through song. I began singing in church as a young girl. I participated in our local youth choir as a teen and fell even more in love with ministering to others with music. I've been singing at different churches and events with my music ministry for 2 years now and could not be more blessed! I have two southern gospel albums available. Who Will Stand For God? was released in March 2017 and Daughter of the King was released March 2019. I hope you enjoy my music and my goal is to lead others to Jesus, and be a help to those who already know him! God Bless! 

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Chelsea Estes