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Mostly Folk is a podcast from the Catskill Mountains NY. and hosted by Artie Martello, playing newly released albums, classic folk, indie folk and bluegrass music as well as some traditional music that may or may not be true to the genre. That's why it's called Mostly Folk. Mostly Folk has interviewed and will continue to interview both upcoming and established singers and songwriters from around the world and offers special programs featuring local writers and actors.  You may even hear a radio "magic trick" every so often. Broadcast 2 times a week and available on Facebook, I Tunes, Mixcloud, Tune In Radio and of course right here on Bluegrass Planet Radio. 

Mostly Folk airs every Thursday at 7pm ET. 

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For Airplay Consideration - Mail CDs to:
Artie Martello
​Mostly Folk
PO Box 82
Halcottsville NY 12438

Please do not send CDs that have not been digitally coded without track names.  

email me at:


Thursdays 7pm ET

Contact Mostly Folk

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